Dr. Germaine Williams-Beckles, or Dr. Gees as she is more fondly called, is an accomplished coach, trainer, speaker, Trichologist, cosmetologist, and nutritionist. She has vast experience helping other people deal with their hair and scalp issues.

With her knowledge in Trichology and cosmetology, she aims to provide relief to men and women who wants to bring back the glory of their hair that has been damaged. When she’s not busy tending to her patients, Dr. Gees spends her time as a professional trainer who teaches about the different causes and possible treatment for hair loss and other hair and scalp maladies.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Gees has been able to tap into the different facets of Trichology and cosmetology, and link them to the overall wellness of the person. Aside from providing relief to her patients, Dr. Gees also hopes to increase awareness about the importance of maintaining good health and empower people to start their own business by increasing their knowledge in Trichology.

Why Dr. Gees?

Dr. Gees is a powerful combination of an expert and a friend. She is an expert whose knowledge spans from more than one area of practice. She has acquired hefty knowledge in cosmetology, Trichology and nutrition over the course of her experience and still continues to grow as a practitioner of her profession.

Dr. Gees is the doctor who knows, but also a friend who understands. She is a woman who aims to empower other women. She encourages women to invest in themselves. Dr. Gees inspires them to increase their knowledge in Trichology and cosmetology in order for them to eventually be able to create businesses from what they know.

Do you know what’s going on in your hair and scalp?

Are you aware of what’s going on in your head? No, we don’t mean your thoughts. We mean those that can be found inside each strand of your hair and the scales on your scalp.

Most of us are unaware of what’s going on in our hair and scalp. There are many different hair and scalp maladies that can affect you, and most of the time you don’t notice it until it’s already severe and obvious for everyone to see.

But these hair and scalp problems can be cured. All it takes for you to get the right treatment is to talk to the right people about it.

Let's Talk About It!

If you’re noticing disturbing changes in your hair and scalp, talk to a Trichologist!

Yes, you see it, so don’t ignore it. Don’t attempt to self-medicate because it might make things worse. Instead, talk to someone who understands and knows what they do. Talk to an expert who can sort out the problem for you and provide effective solutions. Let Dr. Gees sort it out for you! Message us!

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